Chocolates of Love

A response to Black Light Candelabra prompt: Write a dozen mini-pieces in a single post.  Each mini-piece should be 25-35 words and be self-contained. (

Dark chocolate. Bitter. Hate growing inside. Getting darker now. And even more. As lovebirds seem to abound. And you want to just shoot them dead.

Addiction. You just can’t get enough of it. You constantly crave and long for its sweetness. Oh, yes… And your insatiable desire can never be quenched.

Milk chocolate. Perfect combination. Yin and yang. Made for each other. Match made in heaven, destiny, meant to be. What else is there to say?

Sweet tooth. So sweet that ants nest upon you. They envy. They despise. But mostly it’s envy. Envy for that little bit funny feeling inside.

Mint flavored. Gives you that chill, cool vibe. No hassle, no drama. A carefree disposition that just lets the relationship be brought to wherever it’s supposed to go.

Sugar high. Bolts of energy running through your veins. Making you feel alive. Like you just want to shout! And you can’t help but dispense all the energy out.

Almond. Fooled you! You thought I’m soft but lo and behold, I’m not. Bet you’re surprised. What can you do now? Spit me out? Don’t you dare!

Peanut butter. Seems odd to me. And seems to belong to another category. But whatever floats your boat. And yet it grows on you somehow. And then you change your mind.

White chocolate. Pseudo chocolate? Pretense? Hiding behind a mask? Promising the same taste, might claim to be even better. But it’s totally different. Not the same at all.

Fruity flavor of berries, raisins, and cherry. Spices up. Adds color. A twist to an otherwise familiar taste. Refreshing, rejuvenating. Sometimes comes as a pleasant surprise.

A hint of liquor. Intoxicating. Makes you do things you normally don’t. All in the name of so-called love. Getting drunk makes you stupid. I guess getting drunk with love makes you stupider.

Happiness. Happiness found in a bar. Serotonin overload. Cry your heart out. Or eat your heart out. You may gain some pounds but at least you’re happy. Are you?


Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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