Staring at the screen
Eyes glazed over like zombies
Social media slaves

Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

12 thoughts on “Soulless”

  1. Fantastic response to the prompts! I just love how your title ‘Soulless’ reminds me of ‘solace’ and emphasises and enhances your haiku’s message 🙂 It’s a great illustration to use with it too, but I wonder sometimes if they detract from the power of the words – what do you think? (not criticising use of picture, makes for a great looking blog page – but your poem could stand-alone as text and not lose any of it’s attraction or atmosphere).

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      1. the zombie pic? No, not at all! just saying it is such a powerful haiku that as text alone it needs no picture (some do). yours carries it message really well. The pic was greta too – it is what caught my attention in the reader 🙂

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      2. I believe it was also showing on your blog post – maybe it was the header? I commented in your blog not from the reader, but I was in the reader when your post caught my attention 🙂 I’ve not been able to get in the Commons yet so was browsing the reader for some posts to feedback to 🙂

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