2015 in Review

2015 came and it’s just about to end. As with any year, it had its highs and lows. Luckily for me, it’s been smooth sailing, mostly anyway.

My teaching stint for two years ended and led me to a completely different new job. A corporation with a conscience. I say that because as much as it’s a business, it’s about renewable energy. And as an environmentalist, that’s important.

This year, I had more time to breathe, to relax, to binge-watch Youtube videos (I can’t get enough of React Channel), read (more than 10 books and counting), and write (this is my 100th post on WordPress).

This year, I also got to participate in two environmental advocacy campaigns which is great. The national clean-up of Let’s do it! Philippines and the ecological agriculture promotion of Greenpeace Philippines’ #IAmHampasLupa.

Globally, 2015 is a year of overabundance of superhero movies, Miley Cyrus, and twerking. Love Wins and Caitlyn Jenner were celebrated. But discrimination and violence, and shooting incidents still continue. There’s the migration crisis and the France terror attack. People blamed media for not extensively covering the Beirut bombings. On the contrary, we seem to have ignored or didn’t pay much attention to the news coverage on Beirut.

The Philippines had its fair share of ups and downs, a lot of downs, unfortunately. Manila is still plagued with poverty and traffic woes. And the Philippines is a circus of EDSA carmageddon, religious rally, Balikbayan box issues, bullet planting scam, and all the hoopla over the 2016 Presidential election candidates. We did host the APEC Summit, a local TV love team Aldub broke Twitter records, and we bagged a back-to-back win in the Miss Earth pageant. Could these make up for all the blunders?

Being located on the typhoon belt of the Pacific, we were, as usual, doused in rain. Traces of Haiyan is still evident. And these among other effects of climate change make us hope for a successful COP21.

I may not be keen at admitting it but it is a better world. Not perfect but relatively better. And it’s been a great year overall. I know it’s a matter of perspective. I know I have to choose my battles. I know 2016 will come no matter what so I’ll welcome it with gratefulness and happiness in my heart!



Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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