Climate is changing, why aren’t we?

Because we’re in denial. We don’t believe what we see. We think we’re invincible. Silly humans hoping that everything will be back to normal soon enough.

But we can’t afford to wait any longer. Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the country. Now El Niño is making our lands scorching dry.

Time for change. Yes, change is difficult but not changing is fatal.

Push for renewable energy. Promote ecological agriculture. Re-use. Recycle. But before that, reduce waste by not giving in to consumerism. Plant a tree. Live simply. Be environment-friendly. It’s common sense. It’s that easy. Or just a little effort, really.

I sure wish Leo’s sensibilities rub off on us all.12804724_1099593523405155_7226453653644050316_n


Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

2 thoughts on “Climate is changing, why aren’t we?”

  1. Nice post. We just speak about changing something, but we actually don’t do anything about it physically. I hope that Leonardo opened many eyes and that his dedicated speech to our planet reached people all over the world

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