Let’s talk about food

Food is a basic requirement for life which we have taken for granted. Aging farmers, food security issues as a result of climate change, and the proliferation of unhealthy, artificial food among others should be a cause for alarm.

With the aim of raising more awareness and sparking conversations on food security, the food system, and food in general, Good Food Community, Greenpeace Philippines, #IAmHampasLupa Ecological Agriculture Movement, and Make Sense organized a series of activities from film showing, potluck dinners, picnics, and farm visits for the months of June and July. As a culmination, an MKS Room Event was held last August 20, 2016 at WeCube Makati. The said event combined panel discussion with social entrepreneurs and live music performances.

The panelists were Katreen Castillo from Good Food Community, Gio Espital from Bangkong Kahoy Valley, and Julia Alayon from Veritas Organic. They talked about their motivation for pushing for more sustainable food production and consumption. They explained how logistics, economy of scale, and demand could drive prices up for organic products. Health benefits, however, could compensate for such cost. They further encouraged the audience to go into urban gardening to really understand how food is produced.

Those who would want to be further involved can come up with their own food conversation session in coordination with Greenpeace Philippines and #IAmHampasLupa Ecological Agriculture Movement. Important points from these conversations will form part of a recommendation to be given to policymakers.

We have a broken food system and it’s in our court to fix it. We can start by making a conscious effort of choosing safe and nutritious food that is produced sustainably. We do this for the sake of our own health, the environment, and the future of our food.


Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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