Watching the animated short, “Dream” was saddening. Endangered species sing “I Dreamed a Dream” as they show how humans show no regard to animals and the planet.

Human needs and greed always come first. Environmentalists are branded as anti-development. It’s such a travesty when animals are protected against people who consider hunting as livelihood. “How can I feed my family if I don’t do this,” they ask. It can be a tricky subject as I remember Greenpeace’s war against sealers which affected the livelihood of indigenous tribes like the Inuit in Canada. What then should we prioritize? We always hear of sustainable consumption but how exactly can we keep the balance of sustaining the ever growing human population and the destruction of the environment and the extinction of animal species?

And what becomes of the indigenous people (IP) relying on what the Earth provides. They’re being shunned and their land taken away from them. I am an Igorot, an IP. But I have lost this identity somehow when I got molded in the ways of modern city life. That which is considered superior but is miserably failing as a system.

Is this the hell we’re living? Regardless, I still continue to dream.


Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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