My Top 10 Posts of 2016

1. I’m an Igorot and I don’t have a tail

Igorot, or Cordillerans, is the collective name of several Austronesian ethnic groups in the Philippines, who inhabit the mountains of Luzon (Wikipedia).

2. My HANDs! Project Experience

An account of a Fellowship Programme on disaster and environmental education + creativity.

3. Let’s talk about food

Raising more awareness and sparking conversations on food security, the food system, and food in general.

4. Of planting rice and the broken food system

A farm trip and rice planting experience.

5. Overrated Love 

Hurray to single-blessedness!

6. The Awesomeness that is Batanes

Batanes should be your next travel destination in the Philippines.

7. The Day I Died

Musings on death.

8. What happened to kindness?

Deep inside, we are actually kind people.

9. Being an environmentalist

Environmentalism, hopeless idealism and all.

10. 5 reasons why the next leader should prioritize climate change

Climate change is real. It’s one of the most urgent issues we should address.





Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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