My Top 10 Posts for 2018

Here’s a quick rundown of my top posts for the year!

  1. Diet for Climate: How your food choices can mitigate climate change > Yes, what you eat has an impact on the climate.
  2. No Straw! No Straw! > I said it before and I’ll say it again, just ditch the straw – use your mouth, sip then gulp. Easy, right? This post also talks about the issue of waste management in the Philippines.
  3. Minimalist Me: Clothes > Lesser clothes? Why not. Don’t give in to fast fashion.
  4. IFOAM-Asia Organic Youth Forum: Our Journey through Mindanao > Got to see the organic movement in Mindanao firsthand. And it’s inspiring.
  5. Musings on the ALGOA Organic Foundation Course > Organic Agriculture 101 in Korea!
  6. Minimalist Me: Food > “Minimalism is about mindfulness. Being mindful about the food we put in our bodies is something we should strive for. We should change the mindset that eating healthy is a punishment or is a way of robbing yourself of the good stuff because it’s not.”
  7. Minimalist Me: Shoes > “How many pairs of shoes do you have?”
  8. Minimalist Me: Books > Nothing beats reading an actual book but admittedly, digital books can be very convenient.
  9. Tech for Agri, Tech for Good > How can technology contribute to sustainable agriculture?
  10. Hating on Veggies > Train your taste buds to eat good food because you’re not supposed to hate on veggies.



Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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