Humans of the World: Lena of Germany

Lena doesn’t own a smartphone as she doesn’t want to replace a perfectly working mobile phone with a new smartphone. She thinks it would have been a waste and she usually uses her stuff till it is broken.

Not being part of the horde may have been a good thing for Lena as she has more time to work with her hands. “I like to draw and paint, to sew clothes for myself, to bake and cook, to play the guitar, to work in the garden, grow flowers and vegetables,” Lena says. “When doing it you have to be right in the moment. It is kind of meditative. I also like to read, write, travel, meet with friends and play, talk, laugh and discuss. To stretch your brain and share your thoughts with others opens your mind again.”

Lena sees the great possibilities of smartphones and social media but just standing outside this big social media party over the last years, she observed that some people are nearly addicted to it. Young people standing together, not talking, not laughing. Everybody just checking their phones not living the moment.

At some point, Lena thinks she would buy herself a smartphone, a fairphone at that. And she might have a social media account eventually. But for now, she manages to communicate with her friends and family through e-mail and her good old phone.

Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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