Humans of the World: Ken from Japan

Ken’s design background helps him raise awareness about social issues he cares deeply about. One of which is on refugees. He’s currently working on producing a photo documentary book about the plight of refugees in different places. So far he’s been to Jordan and Pakistan.

“I want to save people’s lives, especially children, from the war, but I don’t have the power to stop the war,” Ken explains. “If I was a doctor, I could help people who are injured. If I was an architect, I could rebuild their broken houses. But I can’t do these things so as a designer and photographer, what I can do is spread the message.”

Ken takes photos of these refugees trying to show what their normal life looks like. He wants more people to know about refugees especially in Japan which accepts so few refugees. 

“I thought it’s a good start to introduce refugees in the world using photos and my personal story with them,” Ken further explains. “Visiting a Syrian refugee camp changed my mind a lot. I was not so serious before that experience. Young refugees and I became good friends. They are innocent, but they have to live in a tiny tent or container house with their large family. Some have the experience of losing their brother or sister.”

Check out Ken’s work here:


Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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