Humans of the World: Lailone from Myanmar

Lailone believes he could “design” people’s mindset to promote a new way of thinking. This can be done through art and for Lailone, he uses cartoons as it’s easy to make and doesn’t require effort from a team or a group of people. It’s also easier to share in this age of social media.

Being a political cartoonist was more straightforward when Myanmar was still under Military rule. But now that the country is democratic, Lailone practices a sort of self censorship, being careful with the message and the words that he uses in his cartoon drawings, because unlike before, what they have now is what is considered as the people’s government.

Lailone believes in the power of cartoons where a short message can be expressed through a drawing or illustration. He also likes the fact that this gives him the chance to develop himself as he gets to read political history, observe many things, and learn different lessons. Creating cartoons is Lailone’s hobby, work, and art.

Aside from being a freelance cartoonist, Lailone also works for an environmental NGO where he’s involved in training, implementation, and production of nature-related IEC materials for children.


Some of Lailone’s cartoons can be found here:








Author: Ryan Bestre

Environmentalist. Teacher. Writer.

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