Poetry Writing 201 Assignment 4: Animal, Concrete Poetry, Enjambment

I see people but it seems hazy.
Is it what it’s                                             supposed to be?
Human nature                                                  or animal instinct?
Them feeding on                                                         each other.
Gluttonously trying to                                           quench insatiable
desires that just                                                    won’t go away.
They hide it but it’s                 inside.                         Lurking, hibernating.
Waiting to be                                                                             let out.
To be                                                                                      embraced.
After all,                                                                        we all have it.
Do we decide to let it take over our humanity?


Poetry Writing 201 Assignment 3: Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme

To whom you give it, much is expected
Risk, assume, it will be kept
Under the impression that it will bloom
Sadness and regret yet loom upon you
Tainted, no room for second chances