Photography 101 Assignment 5: Solitude & “The Rule of Thirds”

Darkness soon to come
Cold creeping in, but welcomed
Alone but okay

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Photography 101 Assignment 4: Bliss & Captions

Laugh, play, no worries
Innocence, naiveté
We were once like them

Encounter with these kids during a visit in a school.

Listening Quietly… Connect

Photography 101 Assignment 6: Connect & Tags

We’re easily connected but even more disconnected.

“You’re so quiet.” Indeed, I am. I usually just keep to myself and observe. But I guess it also depends on the people I am with. In certain groups, I do most of the talking, seemingly facilitating a discussion group of some sort. Around intimidating personalities, I let them just blabber away which they mostly prefer anyway. And in other groups, I become my pensive self.

I feel like I have multiple personalities sometimes. I think we all do. Although certain personalities become dominant. It’s just amusing how I surprise people when I become that perky crazy guy. I surprise myself even knowing that I have that crazy streak. Is it just me wearing a mask? Hiding what really is there. Or is it simply as it is?

But back to being quiet and serious. I was told there is a need for more of me. More ears that are willing to listen. And I mean to really listen, not just hearing. These two are completely different. Lisa Kirk said, “A gossip is one who talks to you about others, a bore is one who talks to you about himself and a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself.” That makes me a brilliant conversationalist then. It just so happens that I am genuinely interested in people. Eager to know what their life is like. How it is similar or different to mine.

It always amazes me how topics could jump from the most trivial to a complex dissection of a certain social issue. These conversations can appear shallow or pretentious at times. But in the end, there’s always a take away. Perhaps a quotable quote that sums up how things are. An encouragement that helps you get through challenges. A lesson you could apply in different circumstances. Or it could simply be just an entertaining exchange of thoughts which could help you forget, even for a while, how sucky life can be.

In an age where communication is reduced to cold electronic shout-outs and emoticons, It’s always nice to have those now becoming rare moments of conversations with real people. Like Mason’s longing in Richard Linklater’s 12-year movie in the making, Boyhood, “I just want to try and not to live my life through a screen. I want some kind of interaction. A real person, not just the profile they put up.”