Three Songs

Writing 101 Day 3: Commit to a Writing Practice
Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you? Today’s twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice.

Only three? It’s like the genie giving me three wishes and I wish for unlimited wishes. I love music of different genres so picking three would be difficult. This is me apologizing to all my favorite songs which may not get picked today.

Before Frozen dominated the airwaves with its “Let it go, let it go…” Rob Thomas’ Little Wonders already urged his listeners to let go of whatever is holding them down. “Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulders don’t you know the hardest part is over…” It’s a hopeful song and if there’s a feel-good movie, I guess this is a feel-good song. A depressed friend once asked me to prescribe her a song that could ease her misery and Little Wonders was no little at all as the song somehow made her happy. The power of music.

If you think of a powerful song, One Day More from the Musical Les Miserables would definitely be one. I like how each singer, each character, each voice tells a story. And how this intertwines with another. Counterpointing. Different voices, different melodies. They come together, nevertheless, and create harmony.

Seasons of Love from the Musical Rent is another all-time favorite. The words are powerful. It succinctly describes friendship, love, and seemingly mundane moments summing up one’s life.