To waking up every morning
To clear skies, to the rain falling
To tasty treats and hearty meals
To healthy food that heals
To kind words, to honesty
To genuine generosity
To beautiful people, to helping out
To traveling feet here and about
To diversity, to sights and sounds
To kindred spirits and friendships found
To come and go, like night and day
To those who choose to stay
To shared stories of rise and fall
To accepting people, warts and all
To peace and breaking up fights
To standing up for what is right
To trees, to plants, to nature
To family that continues to nurture
To creativity, to music, to art
To connections of the heart
To pain and healing
To the joy of life worth living
To another year
I’m truly grateful


batanes (22)
I like to stand at the summit
And gaze at the sea of clouds
The magnificent mountain ranges
The sunset
The sunrise
I like how the cool wind embraces me
Tousling my hair
Like gentle hands giving its affectionate gesture
Dancing through the branches and leaves
Making them wave their hello
I like the refreshing smell of the air
The scent of wood, and soil, and vegetation
I like how the birds tweet a tune
And crickets and night creatures with their orchestra of sounds
I close my eyes and stretch my arms
Taking it all in

Aesthete (adj.): Someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature.

Do you enjoy nature, too? If so, do your part. Be stewards of the environment. Happy Earth Day everyone!

Tanka # 2

Dig the ground until
It can no longer cough out
Those precious metals
Just because you can, you will
As you always do, you kill


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez decides to shut down several mining sites in the Philippines. This is a welcome news for environmentalists but of course, the mining industry cried foul in defense for economic gain and jobs. Amidst environmental destruction and local communities suffering, these smug capitalists still feel entitled claiming their right to destroy the planet.


Nakabibinging katahimikan
Mula sa walang pakialam
Walang humpay na talak
Ng nagmamagaling
Diskusyon ng intelektuwal
Pagpipintas at pangungutya
Ng walang magawa
Kanya-kanyang pananaw
Kanya-kanyang paliwanag
Batuhan ng kuru-kuro
Ng sentimiyento
Ng mga baho
Sino ang mas magaling?
Sino ang tama?
Sino ang santo?
Sino ang panalo?
Tanda ng kamulatan?
O pawang katangahan?
Kanino maniniwala?
Sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo?
Alamin, makialam, magtanong
O mas mainam ba
Na manahimik na lamang
At wag ng dumagdag
Sa kalansing ng latang walang laman?